National Research & Innovation Agency and Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency bring Life-Changing Innovations

Signing MoU at Indonesia Pavilion

Visitor looking at BRIN’s PUNA prototype

DUBAI, UAE, October 28, 2021 / — After successfully introducing Indonesia’s vast biodiversity, forest potential, as well as progressive research and innovations, the National Research & Innovation Agency (BRIN) and Oil Palm Plantation Fund Management Agency (BPDPKS) are here to introduce their latest inventions at the Indonesia Pavilion.

“Expo 2020 Dubai is a world-class event which is held every five years in a row. Through this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Indonesia has the chance to introduce its outstanding tourism potential, establish new international trade alliances, and attract investors from across the globe. Every week various participating Ministries, Institutions, and Government officials will be here to hold exclusive business forums dedicated to introducing Indonesia’s potential to the world even further,” said Commissioner General of the Indonesia Pavilion, Didi Sumedi.

To grab the attention of visitors and investors visiting the Indonesia Pavilion, on October 15-21, BRIN will introduce its innovative micro-satellite measuring less than 1 meter that can operate as well as a typical satellite. The satellite Lapan A4 and Lapan A5 are expected to launch in 2023. In contrast, the Lapan A4 satellite can help develop a marine security system to track ships to minimize accidents or collisions between ships. Meanwhile, the Lapan A5 satellite mainly functions as a disaster mitigation tool for disaster-prone areas, especially to detect potential tsunamis.

"The Lapan A4 and A5 Satellites are forms of the government's commitment in prioritizing research and innovation to improve the peoples' welfare. As we all know, about 71% of Indonesia's area is covered with ocean. Thus, with the help of these satellites, we can maintain sea security and save many people's life by means of disaster mitigation," said Laksana Tri Handoko, Head of the National Research and Innovation Agency.

Besides introducing innovative micro-satellites, visitors will be feasted with replicas of these space satellites with the original size of (1:1) and other relevant replicas, featuring unmanned aircraft (PUNA), which will be exhibited in the rolling exhibition area taking place in the Indonesia Pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. This unmanned aircraft consists of 2 types, namely the PUNA Alap-alap, which can fly a distance of up to 100 km and can be used for mapping and monitoring areas, and the PUNA Elang Hitam, which can fly as far as 250 km and is widely used for reconnaissance intelligence activities capable for weapon use.

BPDPKS social programs to reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Increase the Welfare of Oil Palm Farmers
Besides BRIN's grand holding of this week's rolling exhibition, BPDPKS will also carry various business forums, intriguing investment offers, and other interactive activities in the Pavilion premises. One of the main focuses of BPDPKS in participating in this year's Expo 2020 Dubai event is to showcase the numerous exceptional results of the many BPDPKS social programs that have been carried out to contribute to a sustainable future.

"Indonesia's government has positioned oil palm plantations as an important asset of Indonesia's commitment to reducing greenhouse gas emissions. We report everyone this valuable news on behalf of the BPDPKS’s spirit line in creating a better future for Indonesia and the world," said Eddy Abdurrahman, Director of the Palm Oil Plantation Fund Management Agency.

Furthermore, BPDPKS will also showcase the trade and investment potential of oil palm plantations through compelling business forums, exhibits of export-ready oil palm plantation products, and seminars programs dedicated to improving oil palm farmers' welfare. On this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to appear at the world's third-biggest event, BPDPKS will also utilize this opportunity to establish relations with other countries to further expand the export industry of palm oil products and their derivatives across the globe, especially in areas of the Gulf country. These steps are initial to realize the various holding of partnership agreements between PT Danu Arundaya Rajaswa Ulung and the House of Indonesia in Dubai, facilitating marketing activities for palm oil products and their derivatives. This agreement is also a concrete step for BPDPKS in responding to the Indonesia-United Arab Emirates Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (IUAE-CEPA), which was carried out back at the beginning of last month in Bogor, West Java.

Overall, in January-July 2021, the export value of palm oil reached an outstanding total of 18.52 million tons, resulting in an increase in the value of palm oil exports in July 2021, reaching 2.74 million tons compared to the previous month totaling an increase of 716 thousand tons or 35.3% in comparison. The largest increase occurred in refined palm oil export products by 548 thousand tons to 2.11 million tons from the previous month being 1.56 million tons. The European Union, India, China, and Pakistan are loyal customers of Indonesia's trade industry as they are marked as the main export destinations for palm oil products and their derivatives.

Indonesia's participation in Expo 2020 Dubai is one of the many government's efforts to synergize together with institutions and industry players to showcase Indonesia's advantages and potential to the world. A series of activities and programs are ready to be held over the course of six months from October 1, 2021, to introduce various potentials in the trade, investment, and tourism sectors. Furthermore, there will be many more programs with different weekly themes to attract the attention of Expo 2020 Dubai visitors.

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Source: EIN Presswire