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The GSA is following the DoD and will require cybersecurity for ALL GSA contracts. All other federal agencies and state governments are expected to do the same.

The DoD and feds know that building a compliant cybersecurity program costs money. We understand this will be an allowable expense in contracts.”

— Ray Hutchins

DENVER, CO, UNITED STATES, August 12, 2020 / — Fedscoop reports that the General Services Administration (GSA) is moving to incorporate recent Department of Defense (DoD) cybersecurity requirements into the GSA's $50 billion Stars III contract. This is a wake-up call for all small businesses who do business with the federal government.

In response to relentless attacks by China and others, the Department of Defense (DoD) is now requiring that all companies who have DoD contracts to prepare to meet Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) requirements. But in a surprise move, the GSA just included the CMMC standard into its own $50 billion STARS III contract that was posted in July. The GSA says it “reserves the right” to require CMMC certifications for small businesses awarded spots on the government-wide IT contracting vehicle. It should be noted that the GSA targeted this message at small businesses.

"This is no surprise," says Ray Hutchins, Managing Partner of Turnkey Cybersecurity and Privacy Solutions LLC (TCPS), a company that builds CMMC compliant cybersecurity programs. "If our country intends to maintain its technological lead in the world, then we must secure our IT infrastructure from attack. The feds are only doing what they must do. We need to do our part and get with the program ASAP."

This is the clearest signal yet that the DoD and the federal government intend to force all government contractors and subcontractors to build compliant cybersecurity programs that will protect taxpayer data and dollars. No cybersecurity certification–no contract. 

Mitch Tanenbaum, TCPS partner says, "The next step is for ALL other federal agencies and then state governments to follow suit – there is no reason for them to re-invent the wheel. So, the time has come for companies to get REALLY serious about building their cybersecurity programs – because it's not easy and it takes time. We know this because we are in the middle of the very same process with multiple companies and even our own company since we intend to be fully CMMC certified as well."

"There is some good news," Hutchins says. "The DoD and feds know that building a compliant cybersecurity program costs money. We understand this will be an allowable expense in contracts."

Turnkey Cybersecurity and Privacy Solutions LLC (TCPS) is the leader in TURNKEY cybersecurity programs for smaller companies who have to comply with DoD CMMC, GSA and other requirements.  TCPS is the only company to offer small to medium-sized companies this cost-effective option. TCPS has a full range of pre-engineered, turnkey, comprehensive cybersecurity and privacy programs for smaller companies. Their programs make cybersecurity easier, less brain-damaging, and less expensive and the programs include full cybersecurity support – because it cannot be done otherwise.

Even if a small company does not intend to do business with DoD or the federal government, they are still responsible for sensitive personal and business data which must be protected.

Buying a TCPS program provides the following immediate benefits:

1. Increased competitiveness for federal and state contracts and other business
2. Access to the most cost-effective turnkey cybersecurity and privacy solution for small to medium-sized companies
3. Access to the following TCPS licensed program components, including:
-Continuously updated program governance tools, content, processes, and procedures
-Continuously updated training content
-Reactive and pro-active technical and program support delivered via a secured, shared Google Drive portal
-Vetted third-party cybersecurity tools
4. Reduction of cybersecurity and privacy risks, including:
-IT infrastructure and data risks
-Regulatory compliance risks
-Insurance exposure risks
-Company valuation risks (see video below)
-Cybersecurity and privacy financial risks
5. Faster program deployment and protection of assets
6. Reduced security complexity
7. Increased business valuation (see video below)
8. Increased ability to sleep at night

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