Ultimate Eco-Friendly Grass Saves Time, Money & Water

Pearl's Premium is a dark green grass that compliments your home or property with few weeds

A typical dark green Pearl’s Premium lawn saves time, money and water

Pearl's Premium grass is barefoot soft, wonderful to sit in or walk barefoot on

Pearl’s Premium low maintenance grass compliments trees, bushes, flowers & has few to no weeds, to saves time, money and water

Ordinary grass grows fast above the soil so requires weekly  mowing and has very shallow roots to require more water, versus Pearl's Premium grows so slow requires only monthly mowing and with 4 foot roots needs 75% less water

Ordinary grass, versus more drought tolerant Pearl’s grass needs less mowing and water

The Greenest Grass In Every Sense, That Needs Only Monthly Mowing. With 4 Foot Roots Needs 75% less Water & Never Needs Chemicals…The Holy Grail Of Grass

It took 16 years of research & improvements to create a lower maintenance grass that is People, Pet & Planet Friendly, a better lawn to save time, money, water, easy to install & grows everywhere.”

— Jackson Madnick

WAYLAND, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, June 26, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — The secret to a perfect summer lawn: Plant grass right now using the hydroseeding method. Or, plan ahead for fall planting- Pearl's Premium lawn Seed can be purchased now at a discount now in summer. Keep the seed cool in your basement and plant it at the best time of year for grass seed, September or October. Your choice of seed is very important. Plant with a deep root, low maintenance, eco-friendly grass seed like Pearl’s Premium. Unlike other high maintenance ordinary grass seeds, our all natural grass, the result of 16 years of research, needs only monthly mowing, and uses 75% less water & never needs chemicals for the best lawn ever. It has many other benefits and here are a few

Dark green and barefoot soft, Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed emits 24 times the oxygen compared to Bluegrass. An oxygen rich environment helps improve your general health & helps you feel happier / calmer during unusual or stressful times like now. Dark green it is peaceful for your eyes. Realtors say that having a nice lawn improves the value of your property by 15%. This kind of lush lawn is uplifting for your spirit & with the extra oxygen your lungs will thank you! This is a healthy, sustainable, money and water saving lawn that looks like these pictures and can be used for almost all residential, commercial, municipal, cemetery and golf course ruff uses.
“It took 16 years of research & improvements to create a lower maintenance grass that is People, Pet & Planet Friendly, a better lawn to save time, money, water, easy to install & grows everywhere.”, Inventor Jackson Madnick

Now in its 6th generation, vastly improved, award-winning Pearl’s Premium Ultra Low Maintenance Lawn Seed is a patented mix of native & adaptive NON-GMO lawn seeds. This grass is remarkable in that it grows so slow; it needs mowing only once a month, instead of every week! The 4-foot roots (rather than 3-6 inch roots of many grasses) enable Pearl’s Premium to tap into more soil moisture and nutrients. From the deep roots, it stays green year-round and outcompetes most weeds without chemicals or pesticides, to be safer for children, animals, elderly and you.

Planting is easy – you don’t tear up your lawn – just spread Pearl’s Premium grass seeds right over the old lawn to outcompete the existing grass & weeds.

People, Pet and Planet Friendly™ Pearl’s Premium, sustainable landscape, not only needs 75% less water, eliminates need for chemicals, but also sequesters 8 times the carbon from the air, to lock into the soil, to help lessen climate change / extreme weather. This mow less / water less, time & money saving turf seed mixture is a great post Father’s Day gift for him, a gift for our Mother Earth, your children, dog and You!

This grass is a pleasure to sit in or walk barefoot on, lush, a dark emerald green lawn. It grows deep roots but does not grow sideways or spread, so there is no weeding of our grass out of flowerbeds or vegetable gardens.

Pearl’s recommends these simple, optional best management practices to improve this or any grass:
1) Test the soil to make sure it is between 6.0 and 7.0 in pH. Use a little pellet lime (40#/ 1,000 sq feet) if pH is under 6.0. Or spread a little sulfur or gypsum if pH is over 7.0 to bring the pH down.
2) Mow at the magic height of 3.5 inches tall to lessen weeds
3) Leave the clippings every other time you mow with a mulching blade to return nutrients to the soil.
4) Use a small amount of organic fertilizer spring and fall rather than chemical fertilizer to have healthier soil and grass, that is safer for children and animals and the environment.
5) Sharpen your mower blade after every 10 hours of use. Make sure you always unplug your spark plug wire first, so it can not start up on you and lean the mower up. You can sharpen the mower blade in just a couple minutes with a cheap metal file, going at the same angle as the blade bevel. The grass will look better and mowing goes faster with a sharp blade.

Pearl’s Premium is extremely drought tolerant & salt/bug/disease tolerant so it thrives in the extremes of desert or ocean landscapes or extreme hot and cold climates, full sun to deep shade all over the world.

It is the only grass to receive LEED credits (up to 6) from the US Green Building Council. It is also winner of the coveted International “MassChallenge Award for Innovation”, out of 446 inventions they looked at from 26 countries. It was also recognized by the Boston Museum of Science as one of the 3 most important US patented inventions to come out of New England, after looking at over 600 great inventions. Although developed in Massachusetts, this seed mix grows well in all climates of the world. It can withstand extreme hot or cold temperatures and grows in all soils, for a lawn that will impress your neighbors. Also can be used for a green roof at 1/3 the cost and 1/5 the weight of other grass green roofs

Use Discount Code “Father” for a 20% discount at www.PearlsPremium.com until Midnight Tuesday June 30th. Or Contact: Inventor: Jack Madnick – 508-653-0800 or Jackson@PearlsPremium.com
Pearl’s is committed to helping our “neighbors “and through our 501 (c) (3) non-profit we have contributed grass seed to a number of non-profits related to children, animals and Habitat for Humanity.
Pearl's has gotten over 300 rave reviews by the experts & featured by Kevin Harrington, first Shark on Shark Tank TV show.

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