Skyworks Global Appoints Director of Business Development for South America

Skyworks Hawk on patrol at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics

Seasoned International Transportation and Aviation Executive and Former Military Officer Joins Skyworks Team

SALT LAKE CITY, UT, U.S.A., June 30, 2020 / — Skyworks Global Inc. (“Skyworks”), the global leader in gyronautics, announced that Dr. Marcelo Augusto de Felippes has joined the organization as Director of Business Development for South America. Dr. Felippes brings many years of international experience in transportation, logistics and aviation and will be based in Brasilia, Brazil.

Previously, Dr. Felippes was the CEO of Airship do Brasil, a premier manufacturer of aircraft using lighter than air technology in Latin America. Dr. Felippes also serves as CEO of Logistics International Associates (LIA), Special Adviser to the Secretary General of the Inter-American Chamber of Transportation (CIT), and has previously worked as a management consultant for major events including the 2011 Military World Games in Rio de Janeiro.

A retired Colonel in the Brazilian Army, Dr. Felippes spent much of his life working as a transportation, logistics, and aviation specialist, working on projects including administrative management of supplies, air transportation, flight equipment and special aviation services. Throughout his career Dr. Felippes has written an array of books, patents and technical articles that have been published in journals and periodicals throughout Europe and the Americas. He speaks English, Spanish, French and Portuguese, as well as some Russian, German and Italian.

Skyworks Executive Director, Brig. General (Ret) John E. Michel stated “We are thrilled to have someone of Dr. Felippe’s stature, experience and connections join our team.”

The initial focus in South America will be to introduce Skyworks’ Hawk 5 aircraft. The Hawk 5 combines the safety, reliability, and cost effectiveness of fixed wing aircraft with the runway independence of a helicopter. Utilizing an engine-driven pre-rotation system while the aircraft is on the ground, the Hawk 5 is capable of jump take-offs, allowing take-off from almost anywhere. With a rotor that is always in autorotation, in the unlikely event of complete engine failure, the Hawk 5’s rotor continues to rotate, leaving the pilot in complete control to safely land. With no powered rotor in flight and no antitorque equipment, the Hawk 5 has none of the periodic maintenance or lost business days associated with these systems, leaving the owner with lower costs and higher reliability. Coupled with the flying simplicity of fixed wing aircraft, the Hawk 5 is a workhorse.

Dr. Felippes stated that “The current Covid-19 related damage done to economies globally is constraining both government and private sector budgets, making it difficult to afford the high operating costs associated with helicopters. The introduction of Skyworks’ economical gyroplanes, like the Hawk 5, is particularly timely.”

About Skyworks

Skyworks Global is the world leader in gyronautics, the study and design of sustained autorotative flight represented by the company's gyroplane technology. Skyworks has more than 40 patents with several more underway, all obtained in an effort to radically change not only the way gyroplanes are perceived, but also the way they are utilized. From mass personnel transportation, agriculture, and border protection to literally changing the economies of developing nations, Skyworks' goal is to change the paradigm of aerial technology. For more information about the company, its products, and individual members of the Skyworks team, visit

Steve G. Stevanovich
Skyworks Global Inc.
+1 801-973-0177
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The American Airlines "Mad Dog" Is Back

In the 80s and 90s, the MD80 gained cult status at American Airlines. Now Aviationtag is proud to present an exclusive series crafted from one of the aircrafts!

COLOGNE, GERMANY, June 30, 2020 / — In the eighties and nineties, the MD80 gained cult status at American Airlines. Now bordbar® is delivering 9,000 Aviationtags® officially licensed by the airline crafted from one of the planes.

Connoisseurs and fans affectionately dubbed it "Mad Dog". Its other nickname, "Super 80", was even used in adverts: "Have a super day", "The Super 80's are coming!" or "Super 80 for the Eighties" were the slogans the MD80 embarked on its high-flying career to in the eighties.

At the height of this career, the twinjet with its distinctive rear engines and gleaming alu-minium finish was the backbone of all American Airlines short and medium-haul flights. Following the success of the test phase, the airline had ordered 260 "Mad Dogs" in the early 1980s. At the turn of the millennium, these were joined by another 103 aircraft from the takeover of Trans World Airlines, and from then on, around a third of all versions of this famous plane ever produced flew for American Airlines.

From 2003 onwards, the airline slowly but surely sent the planes into their hard-earned retirement. The unconventional geometry that made the Super 80 so popular had reached new lim-its when it came to efficiency. The last 26 planes were finally taken out of circulation simply be-cause their useful life was at an end. The last passenger flight of an MD80 took to the skies from Dallas/Fort Worth on 4 September 2019 with flight number AA80, flying to Chicago O'Hare.

The N922TW – or "N922 Tango Whisky" as aficionados dub it – was completed on 26 July 1981 and first flew for Swissair before being taken over by TWA, where it ultimately became part of the American Airlines fleet. It was an MD82, a further developed version of the MD80. It was slightly heavier and offered a better range of up to 3789 kilometres thanks to its JT8D-217 or 219 engines. In April 2003, "Tango Whisky" landed in Roswell, New Mexico, its final stop. Now its fuse-lage is being given a new purpose: as an Aviationtag® edition limited to 9,000 unique tags. The edi-tion is officially licensed by American Airlines and, thanks to almost 20 years of retirement basking in the desert sun of New Mexico, has a unique retro look.

To make the tags, we disassembled and cut parts of the outer skin at our very own manufac-tory in Cologne until they could be punched into the distinct Aviationtag® shape. The final step in this upcycling process was precision printing. Each of the strictly limited-edition Aviationtags® now features the aircraft type, registration number, edition number and size. Each Aviationtag® may vary from other serial numbers in terms of its thickness, colour and haptics and is one of a kind. The data printed on the tags even allows registered users to be identified. This custom Lost & Found Ser-vice provided by Aviationtag® has already made it possible to reunite many a lost Aviationtag® and attached bunch of keys with their owners.

The unique pieces are reborn as key and luggage tags – and as collector’s items, because a good share of Aviationtag®’s clientele are true-blue aviation enthusiasts. But actually, almost anyone who loves to travel will succumb to the charm of these small tags. Because Aviationtags® enhance their owners’ everyday lives with an unmistakable feeling: the feeling of taking off into the distance towards new experiences with that tangible extra tailwind behind you. The 9,000 Aviationtags® crafted from the MD80 N922TW are now available at the Aviationtag® shop.

Tobias Richter
Aviationtag – a brand by bordbar design
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Bahamas Tourism Working to Reopen Phase 2 on July 1

NASSAU, BAHAMAS, June 29, 2020 / — The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation is preparing for Phase 2 of the Tourism Readiness and Recovery Plan, which will begin on Wednesday, July 1, and allow for the resumption of international travel to The Bahamas.

Policies and Procedures for all travelers visiting The Bahamas beginning July 1 are as follows. Plans continue to evolve in response to COVID-19 trends, and so additional guidance will be communicated as details are available.

– Due to the recent increase of COVID-19 cases in the U.S., and in an abundance of caution for the health and safety of both travelers and residents, all incoming visitors must present a COVID-19 RT-PCR Negative (Swab) Test upon arrival. Those arriving in The Bahamas between July 1 and July 7 must present results no more than ten (10) days old. Those arriving in The Bahamas after July 7 must present results no more than seven (7) days old. Select individuals will not be required to provide a test:

— Children under the age of two (2)
— Children between the ages of 3-10, provided their state or county of residence does not administer tests for children under that age. Parent or guardian must provide proof of testing restriction upon arrival.
— Private pilots who do not deplane
— Bahamian citizens, residents and homeowners who are returning to The Bahamas from English speaking CARICOM countries
— Bahamian citizens and legal residents who are returning to The Bahamas from countries where they cannot obtain a COVID-19 RT-PCR (Swab) Test. Proof of their inability to receive a test must be presented upon arrival and traveler will be required to quarantine for 14 days.
—–Quarantine time may be reduced if the traveler opts to take a test at their own expense and receives a negative result.
–Bahamian citizens and legal residents who have been out of The Bahamas for less than 72 hours; however, they will be required to quarantine for 14 days.
—–Quarantine time may be reduced if the traveler opts to take a COVID-19 RT-PCR (Swab) Test, at their own expense, and receives a negative result.
–All travelers will be required to complete an electronic Health Visa prior to departure at Each traveler will need to upload their test results and provide contact information that is crucial for contact tracing purposes. An automated response will be provided upon completion, and it is essential that travelers present proof of confirmation upon arrival in their destination.
–No quarantine will be required upon arrival, however, travelers who show symptoms of COVID-19 may be transferred to an area away from other passengers for further testing and evaluation.
–At airports and seaports, healthcare personnel will conduct temperature screenings for all incoming visitors. Travelers will be required to wear a face mask in any situation where it is necessary to enforce physical distancing guidelines, such as when entering and transiting air and sea terminals, while navigating security and customs screenings, and at baggage claim.
—-New fines and penalties for all persons, including Bahamian residents and visitors have been established for those not wearing face masks in areas where it is required.

As part of Phase 2, hotels and vacation rentals, including Airbnb and HomeAway will open to guests. Domestic and International airlines are permitted to resume service, and many are beginning to announce plans for their return to The Bahamas:

– Southwest will resume daily service between Baltimore and Nassau on July 1
– JetBlue will resume daily service between New York (JFK) and Nassau as well as Fort Lauderdale and Nassau on July 2
– Delta Airlines will be resuming its twice daily Atlanta to Nassau service July 2
– United Airlines announced its daily Houston to Nassau and Newark to Nassau service will resume July 6 while Saturday-only Denver to Nassau service will resume July 11
– American Airlines will resume daily flights between Charlotte and Nassau; Miami and Exuma; Miami and Eleuthera and twice daily flights between Miami and Nassau on July 7

Additional airlift resumptions are expected to be announced in the coming weeks. Travelers should check with airlines directly for details on recommencement of service and any protocols for travel.

This July 1 tourism re-entry builds on and supports existing government rules and regulations, which already allows for the resumption of travel for international boaters, yachters and those traveling on private aviation as well as inter-island domestic travel for Bahamian citizens and residents. Phase 3, beginning July 13, allows for the reopening of attractions, excursions and tours. Phase 4, beginning July 27, allows for vendors (including straw vendors) and jet ski operators to resume operations.

Once on island, travelers should expect to follow The Bahamas’ “Healthy Traveler Campaign” that encourages both visitors and residents to continue practicing social distancing measures, regularly wash hands or use hand sanitizers, and pack appropriate PPE such as face masks, just as they would their swimsuits and sunscreen.

A Certification Agency has been established – representing a collaboration between the Ministry of Tourism, Ministry of Health, and other regulatory agencies – to enforce a Clean & Pristine certification program across the islands. All tourism related, customer-facing entities in The Bahamas must verify they have in place and are adhering to the Government approved health and safety guidelines to receive Clean & Pristine certification. Adequate signage outlining policies will be clearly displayed at all locations helping to guide staff and visitors. Travelers are encouraged to visit direct business websites prior to booking or traveling to ensure they are aware and comfortable with the policies they will need to abide by.

Reopening of borders will continue to be monitored and guided by The Bahamas government and health officials. Reopening dates are subject to change based on COVID-19 trends, if there is a deterioration in improvement or if government and health organizations deem these phases unsafe for residents or visitors.

The Bahamas Ministry of Tourism & Aviation believes it is an absolute baseline requirement for consumers to have a comfort level that The Bahamas is a safe and healthy destination to visit, and the ultimate goal is for that to remain the case. Additional details about on-island protocols as well as more information or to view the Tourism Readiness and Recovery Plan, please visit


Anita Johnson-Patty
Bahamas Ministry of Tourism
+1 954-236-9292
email us here

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Apollos University Re-imagines Distance Learning Through XR

Dr Jae Maloney

Dr. Jae Maloney

Blue XR Image for school

Blue XR Image

Whiteboard XR Pic for schools to use

Whiteboard XR Pic for schools

Dr. Jae Maloney Helps Apollos University Re-imagines Distance Learning Through XR

XR technologies are becoming recognized as a crucial tooling which could in the foreseeable future enable students from all over the world to gain skills they need in the modern workplace.”

— Dr. Jae Maloney

GREAT FALLS, MT, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2020 / — Dr. Jae Maloney, heads the Distance Learning XR and AI project for Apollos University. He graduated with his Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) degree from Apollos in 2016 and his dissertation and following XR and AI research has brought him well deserved professional acclaim. Dr. Maloney was recently honored by being invited to be an Advisory Board member of the distinguished VRTogether organization in the European Union. We are proud of his continued accomplishments.

Recently, Dr. Maloney stated, “XR technologies are more and more becoming recognized as a crucial tooling which could in the foreseeable future enable students from all over the world to gain skills they need in the modern workplace.” Currently Jae is working with Apollos University experimenting and, where possible, optimizing XR and AI technologies to make way for a new way of learning (NWOL). According to figures released in May, online Education is expected to quadruple in size within the near future. The budget and investments regarding XR technologies from the enterprise is expected to generate $400 million by 2021.

During the present Covid 19 epidemic, all the traditional ways of teaching were abruptly stopped. Educational institutions scrambled to find alternative solutions and applications such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc. Many schools were able to serve this need, but only in limited capacities. These 2d options, as most of us have now realized, are limited and energy depleting. This is where XR technology can take over. XR technology has the potential to become an enabler when well effectively implemented in the distance learning environment.

The benefits of using XR and AI will lead to enhanced engagement, improved knowledge retention and experiential learning. Imagine being able to attend classes and converse with classmates and realizing solutions or approaching learning through group work and group learning aimed towards learning more efficiently in a custom-built, collaborative Apollos environment which is immersive and feels real. In your virtual classroom, you are able to touch, see and hear almost the same as being in a brick and mortar environment. The fact that you are able to naturally move your head around and interact with the environment is a game changer. You can communicate with others in a realistic sense. You can feel different objects such as buttons. Collaborating white boards in the classroom feel so real that within 10 minutes you are completely onboard, its simply incredible.

Apollos President, Dr. Scott Eidson explains “Apollos has always been at the forefront of innovative solutions which benefit its students and give them the edge in the learning environment. Apollos has a long tradition offering flexibility where and whenever possible to benefit students such as our Your Terms™ accelerated education. We think that incorporating XR and AI technologies and utilizing these technologies is the next logical step.” Dr. Eidson further explains, “We want to involve our students and offer them the opportunity to be part of a new technological revolution learning experience and be future ready, not just current ready.”

Simply said, simulation-based technology such as XR and AI has the potential to revolutionize how online distance training programs are implemented and as usual, Apollos is leading from the front.

Dr. Paul Eidson
Apollos University
+1 406-799-1515
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Jennifer Pickerel Promoted to Vice President at Aviation Personnel International

Jennifer Pickerel, Vice President, Aviation Personnel International

Jennifer Pickerel, Vice President, Aviation Personnel International

Sheryl Barden, President and CEO of Aviation Personnel International, the business aviation recruitment firm, has promoted Jennifer Pickerel to Vice President.

Since joining our team, we’ve benefited from Jennifer’s vision, creativity and communication skills as well as her unique ability to build relationships, inspire confidence and unite teams.”

— Sheryl Barden, President & CEO, Aviation Personnel International

SAN FRANCISCO, CA, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2020 / — Sheryl Barden, President and CEO of Aviation Personnel International (, the longest-running business aviation recruitment firm, today announced the promotion of Jennifer Pickerel from Director of Client and Candidate Services to Vice President.

In her newly created role, Pickerel will serve as Sheryl Barden’s “chief of staff,” taking on management of the firm’s day-to-day operations as well as many of API’s strategic initiatives. Pickerel will continue to serve as a senior aviation recruiter, working directly with API’s clients, most of whom are Part 91 aviation directors, reporting executives and their corporate HR partners. In this capacity, she identifies each client’s cultural and technical needs in order to match them with a top slate of highly vetted API Registered Professionals™.

“I’m just delighted,” Barden said, of Pickerel’s leadership appointment. “Since joining our team, we’ve benefited from Jennifer’s vision, creativity and communication skills as well as her unique ability to build relationships, inspire confidence and unite teams. Importantly, she and I have built a very transparent, honest relationship and have extreme trust in one other. That trust is based in our mutual candor, and our drive toward excellence.”

Pickerel is equally enthusiastic about her expanded position at API. “I’m incredibly humbled and honored to represent API and work alongside Sheryl,” she said. “When people are able to pursue their passions and flex their expertise, it really serves to generate more momentum and creativity. By entrusting me with operations and staff leadership, Sheryl can pursue even more strategic, forward-thinking projects to further API’s growth as well as continue to serve as one of business aviation’s top thought leaders.”

Prior to joining API in 2015, Pickerel had many roles at MedAire, an International SOS company, including the positions of Client Services Manager and Senior Account Manager. During her 10-year tenure, she gained significant leadership experience, developed key aviation industry relationships and honed her exceptional communication skills.

A skilled and decisive leader with exceptional communication skills, Pickerel draws on her highly focused subject matter expertise to educate API’s clients and candidates through her regularly published articles on employee attraction, retention and workplace satisfaction. She is a member of the National Business Aviation Association’s (NBAA) Maintenance Committee as well as NBAA’s Diversity and Inclusion Working Group. She is also a member of the Minnesota Business Aviation Association, the Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association and Women in Corporate Aviation. Pickerel holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from the University of Nebraska, in Lincoln, Nebraska.

About Aviation Personnel International
Founded nearly 50 years ago, API is the longest-running business aviation recruitment firm, exclusively serving the hiring needs of flight departments in corporate and private aviation. A woman-owned and -operated company, API offers its clients the broadest portfolio of fully vetted candidates, including senior aviation leaders, pilots, maintenance, cabin safety crew, schedulers and dispatchers. Headquartered in San Francisco, API’s team members combine their extensive aviation knowledge with their expertise in human resources and executive aviation recruitment to provide retained talent identification, staff development and outplacement services for flight departments with one or more aircraft.


Jill Henning
Forward Street Marketing
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La Manufactura Aditiva Es Un Método Efectivo Para La Fabricación de Herramientas

“La industria automotriz, médica, naval, militar y aeroespacial son sectores que no dejan de sorprenderse de los grandes logros que han obtenido gracias a la Manufactura Aditiva”.”

— Carlos Ramírez, Territory Manager at Stratasys.

MEXICO CITY, MéXICO, June 29, 2020 / — Junio 29 de 2020; El prototipado en Manufactura Aditiva es un método cada vez más utilizado en numerosas aplicaciones industriales de la manufactura para la producción de diversas piezas y componentes. La industria de manufactura ha adoptado en muchos casos la manufactura aditiva debido a que ven en ella una gran oportunidad para incrementar su producción, reduciendo operaciones de mecanizado compartido con la manufactura tradicional. Fabrican desde herramientas de corte, las cuales permiten crear herramientas con canales internos complejos y cavidades difíciles de llegar, hasta herramientas totalmente personalizadas y hechas a la medida para cada sector.

La producción de herramental en Manufactura Aditiva cubre una gran variedad de aplicaciones, que van desde guías de ensamblaje sobre la planta de producción, hasta las pruebas e inspecciones de fijaciones en mesas de CMM. Las impresoras 3D Foruts y Stratasys F900 son las más adecuadas para producir herramientas grandes y herramental destinado a ambientes de manufactura rigurosos. Estas impresoras pueden imprimir en termoplásticos de alta temperatura, resistentes a químicos y durables como ULTEM y fibra de carbono FDM Nylon.

Diversas empresas en la industria de la manufactura se han dando cuenta de los grandes beneficios que les aporta la impresión 3D, un ejemplo es Liberty Electronics, empresa que produce ensamblajes para las industrias militar y aeroespacial en Pensilvania, ellos comprobaron a través de un estudio que obtenían un 65% de reducción en tiempo, un 85% de ahorro en sus costos de producción de herramental personalizado y un 300% de aumento en su productividad sin involucrar a terceros.

“Las industrias que han logrado adoptar esta tecnología han sido principalmente la industria automotriz, médica, naval, militar y aeroespacial; mismas que no dejan de sorprenderse por los grandes logros que han obtenido gracias a la producción de herramental a través de métodos de Manufactura Aditiva”. Comentó Carlos Ramírez, Territory Manager at Stratasys.

Acerca de StratasysPor casi 30 años, Stratasys Ltd. ha sido una fuerza determinante en la impresión 3D manufactura aditiva moldeando la manera en que las cosas son hechas. Con sede en Minneapolis, Minnesota y Rehovot, Israel, la compañía empodera a los clientes en los mercados verticales, incluyendo Aereoespacial, Automotriz, Cuidado de la Salud, Educación y Productos de Consumo, permitiendo nuevos planteamientos para el diseño y la manufactura. Las soluciones de Stratasys ofrecen la libertad del diseño y la flexibilidad de la manufactura al reducir el plazo de lanzamiento y disminuyendo los costos de desarrollo y a la vez, mejorando los productos y la comunicación. reconocimientos en tecnología y liderazgo. En línea se encuentra en o Síganos en LinkedIn Stratasys y FDM son marcas comerciales registradas y el sello Stratasys es una marca comercial de Stratasys Ltd. y o de sus subsidiarias o filiales. Otras marcas comerciales pertenecen a sus respectivos dueños.

Para mayor información:
Contacto de Prensa México; Agencia PR:
Liliana Pérez: +5252948215.

Lizette Weber
Lizette Weber
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Villas in Barbados

Luxury Beach Side Villa Barbados

Luxury Villa Rentals Barbados

Luxury Beach Side Villa with Private Pool Barbados

Barbados Beach

Barbados Beach

The Great House Barbados

The Great House Barbados

Atelier Villa Barbados

Atelier Villa Barbados

COVID FREE Barbados opens its borders for tourists

Barbados Villas are the perfect vacation solution. Clients can continue to socially distance while at the same time, enjoy a bit of Paradise”

— Alexandra Baradi

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, IRELAND, June 29, 2020 / — Bajan Prime Minister Mia Mottley announced that not only is Barbados now COVID-19 free, but Barbados will also be officially open to tourists on July 12th. This announcement coincides with the resumption of commercial flights from Canada, The United States and Great Britain.


Air Canada – twice per week on Thursday and Sundays
British Airways from London Gatwick – Commence flights July
Virgin Atlantic from London Gatwick – Commence flights July 18th
Jet Blue from JFK New York – Commence flights July 25th
American Airlines from Miami – Expected to commence on August 1st

The Prime Minister announced that there is no requirement for quarantine and there are no curfews in place on Barbados. Guests will, however, be required to present a COVID-19 negative RT-PCR (swab) test no more than 72 hours old on arrival at immigration. In addition, there is a new embarkation card with specific health questions. These two steps have been put in place to ensure the safety of all visitors and local Bajans.

Barbados’s leading villa rental company Exceptional Villas are taking bookings and already experiencing a significant uplift in demand for the summer and high season, which occurs each year between November and April. In line with other Caribbean Islands open for business, Barbados is experiencing a 200% increase in year on year bookings and enquiries. There is a pent-up latent demand for safe, secure and flexible tourist destinations, and Barbados is one of those.

Barbados is one of the safest places in the world right now to go on vacation. Barbados together with some of its Caribbean neighbours such as St Barts, Anguilla, The British Virgin Islands, Saint Kitts, Nevis, St Lucia and The Grenadines are completely COVID-19 free.

According to CEO and Owner of Exceptional Villas, “Barbados Villas are the perfect vacation solution. Click Here for More Information. Clients can continue to socially distance while at the same time, enjoy a bit of Paradise”. The extra space and amenities in a villa together with the fact that all of the Barbados Vacation Rentals have introduced enhanced cleaning and disinfecting protocols mean that villas are the perfect safe oasis option.

Barbados is one of the most accessible islands to reach from both Great Britain and North American with direct flights from many cities such as London, New York, Toronto, Miami and Atlanta. Barbados is stunningly beautiful and is home to some of the world’s best beaches with soft white sands and crystal-clear turquoise waters. Partner this with an incredible selection of five stars Barbados Vacation Rentals, the best shopping in the Caribbean, an excellent selection of oceanfront restaurants, interesting history and an authentic Caribbean culture ensures Barbados is a winning formula for the perfect COVID-19 free vacation.


Exceptional Villas is a luxury villa rental company featuring only the best hand-picked and personally inspected properties in the world. The company has clients from all over the world. Exceptional Villas have been in the travel business for over 25 years and offer a bespoke service to their clients. This service includes matching the perfect villa to each of their clients and providing complimentary concierge service. This service includes organizing all aspects of the client’s vacations such as VIP airport arrival, ground transportation, restaurant reservations, tours and excursions, water sports, and pre-arrival stocking. Unlike some of their competitors, they do not provide a membership fee. Likewise, their villa experts are indeed experts. They visit every single villa and have a wealth of information regarding each villa, as well as each destination. Exceptional Villas take total pride in the customized service they offer. The company operates two other brands; Villas Barbados and Dream Ireland, which are designated rental brands for Barbados and Ireland.
For more information visit or call + 353 64 66 41170 or toll-free from the US and Canada 1 800 245 5109 and UK 0845 528 4197

Alexandra Baradi
Exceptional Villas
+353 87 223 2218
email us here

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Global Aviation IoT Market Analysis 2020 – Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Regional Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2026

Latest Market Analysis Research Report on “Global Aviation IoT Market” has been added to Wise Guy Reports database.

PUNE , MAHARASHTRA, INDIA, June 29, 2020 / — Global Aviation IoT Industry

New Study Reports “Aviation IoT Market 2020 Global Market Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies and Forecasts 2026” has been Added on WiseGuyReports.

Report Overview

The Global Aviation IoT Market report provides a detailed market outline, covering every facet of definitions, applications, classifications, & industry chain frameworks. It sheds light on the key market dynamics together with the recent market trends. The report gives a complete overview of various sectors that propel the growth of the Global Aviation IoT Market, including opportunities and trends & drivers and restraints, which may affect the market either in a positive/negative means in the near future. It throws light on the multiple applications and different segments. Information in the report is according to the historic milestones and current trends. A profound study has been conducted on all segments covering all essential factors, such as the growth potential, market CAGR, dynamics of the market, and market valuation. 

Try Free Sample of Global Aviation IoT Market @

This report focuses on the global Aviation IoT status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players. The study objectives are to present the Aviation IoT development in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and Central & South America.

The key players covered in this study
Cisco Systems
Wind River
Living PlanIT

Market segment by Type, the product can be split into
Passengers Aviation IoT
Aircraft Operations Aviation IoT
Market segment by Application, split into

Market segment by Regions/Countries, this report covers
North America
Southeast Asia
Central & South America

The study objectives of this report are:
To analyze global Aviation IoT status, future forecast, growth opportunity, key market and key players.
To present the Aviation IoT development in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia, India and Central & South America.
To strategically profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their development plan and strategies.
To define, describe and forecast the market by type, market and key regions.

Report covers:

Comprehensive research methodology of Global Aviation IoT Market.
This report also includes detailed and extensive market overview with gap analysis, historical analysis & key analyst insights.
An exhaustive analysis of macro and micro factors influencing the market guided by key recommendations.
Analysis of regional regulations and other government policies impacting the Global Aviation IoT Market.
Insights about market determinants which are stimulating the Global Aviation IoT Market.
Detailed and extensive market segments with regional distribution of forecasted revenues
Extensive profiles and recent developments of market players

For Detailed Reading of Global Aviation IoT Market Research Report 2020 @

Some points from table of content:

1 Report Overview
2 Global Growth Trends by Regions
3 Competition Landscape by Key Players
4 Breakdown Data by Type (2015-2026)
5 Aviation IoT Breakdown Data by Application (2015-2026)
6 North America
7 Europe
8 China
9 Japan
10 Southeast Asia
11 India
12 Central & South America
13 Key Players Profiles
13.1 IBM
13.1.1 IBM Company Details
13.1.2 IBM Business Overview and Its Total Revenue
13.1.3 IBM Aviation IoT Introduction
13.1.4 IBM Revenue in Aviation IoT Business (2015-2020))
13.1.5 IBM Recent Development
13.2 Cisco Systems
13.3 Microsoft
13.4 Wind River
13.5 Accenture
13.6 Apple
13.7 Living PlanIT
13.8 Sitaonair
14 Analyst's Viewpoints/Conclusions
15 Appendix

For more information or any query mail at

About Us
Wise Guy Reports is part of the Wise Guy Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and offers premium progressive statistical surveying, market research reports, analysis & forecast data for industries and governments around the globe. Wise Guy Reports understand how essential statistical surveying information is for your organization or association. Therefore, we have associated with the top publishers and research firms all specialized in specific domains, ensuring you will receive the most reliable and up to date research data available.

NOTE : Our team is studying Covid-19 and its impact on various industry verticals and wherever required we will be considering Covid-19 footprints for a better analysis of markets and industries. Cordially get in touch for more details.

Norah Trent
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Maximus Yaney's Kangaroo Introduces Affordable Doorbell Camera

Kangaroo Logo

24/7 Security by Kangaroo Door Sticker

24/7 Security by Kangaroo

A new 100% wire-free smart doorbell camera is unveiled by Maximus Yaney’s acclaimed home security company, Kangaroo.

We created Kangaroo to ensure that everyone has access to home security,”

— Maximus Yaney, Co-Founder and CEO of Kangaroo

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 29, 2020 / — Founded by entrepreneur Maximus Yaney, leading security company Kangaroo is pleased to unveil a high-performance security doorbell camera with a low cost of ownership. With cutting-edge technology that operates through wifi and a simple interface that promises ease of use, home owners can check who is at their door straight from the Kangaroo app on their phone.

No more looking through a peephole or wondering where your package went. The Doorbell Camera is designed to keep tabs on your front porch whether users are at home or miles away. It is small and easy to install with user-friendly instructions. Instead of complicated wiring, the Doorbell Camera is battery powered with standard usage of a year before needing to be replaced. Simply peel and stick or screw in the backplate on the camera. You’ll feel safer and more confident knowing your front porch is always protected.

The Doorbell Camera comes with a chime that you can hear when you are at home, plus one that sounds on your smartphone along with an HQ image capture of anyone who is nearby. When you’re not at home, an alert will be sent to your phone of any motion and/or a ring. You also can upgrade to the Porch Protection Plan to be reimbursed for stolen packages at up to $300 per year and increase your cloud storage to 365 days.

“We created Kangaroo to ensure that everyone has access to home security,” says Maximus Yaney, Co-Founder and CEO of Kangaroo. “If you have WiFi and a smartphone, you can use Kangaroo.”

Features Included:

Motion Alerts
Ring Alerts
HQ Image Capture
Night Vision

Upgrade to the Porch Protection Plan for:

Cloud storage for 365 days
Package theft protection up to $300/year
Smart integrations to connect to Alexa and Google Assistant

Where to Order:

Maximus Yaney’s Kangaroo security kits are online at

About Kangaroo:

After previously co-founding Mohawk (NASDAQ: MWK) and serving as Founder & CEO of Titan Aerospace, which he sold to Google, Kangaroo founder Maximus Yaney made it his mission to make home security accessible for everyone. Kangaroo has an advanced line of cameras as well as motion, water, and climate detectors that make safety and security both simple and cost-efficient for all.

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Belnor Engineering Introduces The Belnor IAQ Warden™, The World’s Smartest HVAC Companion

Belnor IAQ Warden(TM), indoor air quality sensor, tvoc sensor, gas sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, indoor air quality sensor suite, indoor air quality

Introducing the world’s Smartest HVAC Companion: The Belnor IAQ Warden™

Belnor Engineering Official Logo

Belnor Engineering, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Belnor IAQ Warden(TM), indoor air quality sensor, tvoc sensor, gas sensor, temperature sensor, humidity sensor, indoor air quality sensor suite, indoor air quality, product spec sheet

A technical overview of the Belnor IAQ Warden™

In these unprecedented times, the protection of human health is paramount, especially in healthcare. Indoor air quality solutions can help keep occupants safe.

Indoor air quality is one of the most significant factors affecting human health, safety, wellness, and productivity. Monitoring it is important and having access to IAQ data is even more important.”

— President, Belnor Engineering

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, June 29, 2020 / — In order to improve the health and well being of occupants inside facilities, Belnor Engineering has proudly launched the world’s smartest HVAC companion, the Belnor IAQ Warden™.

In these unprecedented times, the protection of human health is paramount. Indoor air quality (IAQ) is one of the most significant factors affecting human health, safety, wellness, and productivity. Monitoring it is important and having access to IAQ data is even more important.

With Belnor Engineering’s novel Belnor IAQ Warden™, facility occupants will be kept safe by providing real-time air quality monitoring based on high accuracy detection of dangerous gases, including the temperature and humidity of the sample.

Initially designed as an energy-saving concept for hospitals, laboratories, and university research centers with high air change rates per hour, the Belnor IAQ Warden™ can be customized to detect over 60 pollutants as well as particulates PM1, 2.5 and PM10 based on the facilities’ needs. The chemicals to be measured by the device are specified at the time of order based on each application.

Additionally, instead of letting your HVAC systems run constantly, the device helps to reduce energy costs by sending monitored information to the building’s ventilation and control systems and accordingly optimizing air change rates.

According to the WELL Building Standard, building performance, such as ventilation and infiltration rates, is highly variable and has a direct effect on indoor air quality. To maintain ideal performance metrics, projects must continuously gather data on building performance. Collecting this data allows individuals to be aware of and promptly fix any deviations in indoor quality metrics.

The Belnor IAQ Warden™ helps facility owners achieve the WELL Building Standard Certification by allowing users to monitor and effectively remediate indoor air quality issues and inform building managers and occupants of the quality of the indoor environment. Users can even download air quality and performance data, which is an added bonus to achieving WELL Certification.

The Belnor IAQ Warden™ also helps facility owners achieve the LEED Building Standard Certification by improving the energy efficiency of the facility's HVAC systems.

According to the LEED Building Standard, which also covers overall air quality control and assessment, tobacco smoke control, acoustics, low-emitting materials, construction air quality management, thermal comfort, lighting, and views, environmental quality and clean indoor air are essential living standards.

The Belnor IAQ Warden™ helps facility owners achieve the LEED Building Standard Certification by monitoring pollutants and allergens from the outdoors, minimizing indoor VOCs and air toxins, and creating access to fresh airflow. These strategies improve occupants' respiratory health and comfort as they go about their day.

Users can also detect various organic and inorganic compounds and download data, focusing on priority VOCs for indoor spaces, which is an added bonus for indoor air quality testing requirements for achieving LEED Certification.

Suitable for any job, and with over 60 different sensors to choose from, the Belnor IAQ Warden™ is perfect for any facility.

For more information, contact Belnor Engineering.

Supriya Verma
Belnor Engineering
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How #BelnorBuildsWell With The WELL Building Standard: Healthier People Through Better Buildings

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