Covid-19: Last Spray disinfectant machines become a beacon of light for businesses and government entities



LastSpray - Sales

LastSpray – Sales

Disinfection systems - industrial grade

Disinfection systems – industrial grade

U.S. companies looking for effective disinfectant solutions will find Last Spray to be super efficient.

CHANTILLY, VIRGINIA, U.S., May 22, 2020 / — While governments and national entities urge municipalities and business owners to keep public spaces and work surfaces clean, a demanded increase for cleaning equipment has been noted by cleaning companies. Last Spray in Chantilly, Virginia has come to the table with disinfecting machines to aid with surface cleaning and hygiene protocols.

With stricter regulations rolled out to help businesses re-open after lockdowns, cleaning companies will enjoy an increase in sales while offering better and more reliant products and services. As many countries have started to lift tight lockdown measures, many still fear that the fight against the novel coronavirus is far from over. In more recent developments, Last Spray a disinfectant machine company based in Chantilly, Virginia have launched a new line of products to help keep the virus at bay. As more office buildings, shopping malls, restaurants and public parks get down to deep clean, Last Spray has managed to deliver better and more efficient results. See their full range of disinfectant machines here:

“We’re keeping a strict protocol. As an online business, selling disinfecting sprayers and fogger machines, we’re doing our part to help fight an invisible demon,” said a spokesperson for the company. Last Spray is trying to help as many businesses as possible, and is catering to large hotels, restaurants, office buildings and shopping malls. As infection rates keep rising, many are struggling to find more efficient and reliable ways that can help aid with cleaning and disinfecting.

With places slowly starting to re-open, cleaning and maintaining proper hygiene will be their main priority. “The benefits of our sprayers are, they release small microns, up to 50 microns, which can be sprayed on surfaces without it getting too damp or even wet,” shares the spokesperson. More places are starting to look for products and equipment such as Last Spray electric sprayers. It might seem irrational to purchase a sprayer that will only be used a couple of times, but with stricter and newer safety regulations, this can easily become the new norm.
The company has quickly reacted to rising demand, offering low noise and multi-functioning sprayers. These sprayers are heavy-duty, portable and are perfect for hospitals, homes and guesthouses. It’s not new for businesses like these to maintain good and proper hygiene protocols during regular trade, but many may find it challenging to adapt to altered practices.

“Although we do have other products available, our main focus at this point is our disinfectant machines. We have spent more time and work to ensure every disinfectant machine meets a high standard, that’s why all our machines are low-cost and easy to operate,” tells the spokesperson for Last Spray. What’s helped Last Spray gain more traction is the versatility of their machines. Their fogger machines are heavy duty and help in larger spaces. Because it’s so easy to operate, it can help save on labor costs, and Last Spray 360 Disinfection Systems don’t require further dilution.
The fogger machine is reliable, as it consists of a timer that can be adjusted as needed. Depending on the space or area it will be used in, the fogger machine will automatically turn off once the timer has run out. “It doesn’t go without adding that our latest fogger machine is excellent for disinfecting wide areas up to 100m3 with a better disinfecting spectrum,” adds the spokesperson.

It’s no secret that many companies and businesses are trying to cut back on many things to ensure they can stay afloat. Many places have already closed permanently, with unemployment rates being the highest it’s ever been in the U.S. Last Spray and other such companies are finding solutions for businesses to restart the economy. With more people at home and most shopping done online, Last Spray has quickly altered their approach of direct sales.
Last Spray spokesperson goes on to share that, “We aren’t taking this pandemic carelessly; we want to help business get up and running again. Ensuring their places of operation are cleaned properly disinfected and remains clean.” As many hotels, restaurants, bars and public places have been closed for months, they might soon see some light and re-open within the coming weeks. Last Spray can offer a helping hand, to ensure deep cleaning is done properly. Note that the company also sells a special disinfecting deodorant:

With so much uncertainty airing at the moment, many governments are taking the stand to clean and disinfect open areas. As people are slowly making their way back to normality, it has started to dawn upon authorities and business owners that communal places are to be kept under strict hygiene procedures. As individuals are advised to maintain proper hygiene, Last Spray is a hopeful light for the uncertain times ahead.

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