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George Jucan, PMP, CMP, MBA in Project Management, 2018

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Working with the full range of players who can impact your project

As Jucan notes, it is not clear that you can manage the stakeholders who are affected by your project, or can have an impact on it. But you can certainly engage them.”

— J. Davidson Frame, PhD, PMP, PMI Fellow, UMT Academic Dean

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, June 24, 2019 / — University of Management and Technology alum George Jucan, PMP, CMP (MBA in Project Management, 2018) has authored a book about identifying and working with stakeholders, titled A Pocket Guide to Stakeholders' Engagement, published in 2017. The standard business school approach to working with stakeholders is given the name "stakeholder management." George takes a different perspective, questioning whether stakeholders — particularly those outside of immediate reach — can actually be managed. He holds that we should be engaging stakeholders rather than managing them, to ensure their support as they can make the difference between success and failure. Too often, in carrying out our work, we do a reasonable job of identifying obvious players that need to be reckoned with, but we often lose sight of second ring and third ring players whose support can be crucially helpful or whose animus can derail us. George offers a stakeholder map to enable us to identify what stakeholders we need to be aware of, what impacts they can have, and how they can be engaged effectively.

"The stakeholder map can take the mystery out of identifying and understanding stakeholders by combining their individual attributes with their relationships beyond the organizational reporting structure," George notes. He adds: "Once you truly understand your stakeholders and how they interact with each other and with your initiative, you can efficiently plan and execute your project efforts to fulfill their stated and implied needs. One thing is certain: if you are oblivious to their perspectives, you will find yourself encountering unpleasant surprises."

George Jucan is a 2016 UMT Project Management Institute Education Foundation (PMIEF) University Masters Scholarship recipient. UMT has pledged 2 million dollars over the last decade to support the PMIEF, a charitable nonprofit organization that helps to prepare tomorrow's workforce through academic scholarships awarded to students pursuing project management related degrees.

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