Metal Forming Solutions Announces Company Transition

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MFS is positioned to better represent the expansion and evolution of the organization and highlight who they are and how they intend to position themselves.

SAND SPRINGS, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, January 8, 2019 / — Metal Forming Solutions Announces Company Transition

This new company, Metal Forming Solutions (MFS) is positioned to better represent the expansion and evolution of the organization and highlight who they are and how they intend to position themselves in the marketplace.

J&J Custom Bending was formed in 1986 and later incorporated in 1993 as Cust-O-Bend, Inc; a company which provided only Cold Bending services, with a niche servicing the tight radius and special metals bending applications. In 2000, with the acquisition of Hot Forming equipment, Cust-O-Bend, Inc expanded its product offerings to include Butt-Weld Fittings, Swage Nozzles and Reducers. Over the last 32 years, Cust-O-Bend has grown to become the leading and only manufacturer in the United States that provides Hot Forming and Cold Forming solutions for their customers.

The new company, Metal Forming Solutions (MFS), represents the successful outcome of a deep and focused reflection following the passing of Cust-O-Bend’s founder, Jerry W. Herrington, in October 2018.

Jeremy Herrington, the President of Metal Forming Solutions (MFS), made the announcement to customers on December 31st, 2018. MFS is focused on a mission to continuously provide innovative solutions in its industry, manufacture high-quality products and provide customer-centric service that exceeds the expectations of its clients.

32 years ago, Jeremy Herrington first began working in this industry with his father’s company. As his knowledge of their products and the industries they served grew and his personal leadership within his fathers’ company expanded, Jeremy became Vice President of Cust-O-Bend leading the company to become one of the most respected manufacturers of hot forming, cold forming and coiling solutions.

The name Metal Forming Solutions reflects our progression and intention, to design solutions/services beyond Cold Bending and represents Jeremy’s solution-oriented commitment to MFS’s customers and the markets it serves. Metal Forming Solutions will continue to serve customers across a wide range of industries and forming applications worldwide.

Jeremy Herrington states that “we have a unique niche in the marketplace as our Hot Forming, Cold Forming and Coiling capabilities give us the ability to serve customers with any of their forming requirements, kind of a ‘one-stop does it all’ from high-pressure and low-pressure fluid flow applications down to complex or simple structural forming requirements, and everything in between. I love this field for that reason, 99% invisible to us all is the shape and form of our world around us, everything has form.”

Metal Forming Solutions is fortunate to have talented, knowledgeable and highly experienced team members which allows them to service their customers like no others. Jeremy has always cited that service is his number one priority “if we are not consistently making our customers lives easier by doing business with us, then why do they need us?”.

Following substantial investments in operations, technology, its manufacturing facilities, product development, and its team, Metal Forming Solutions today, stands firm, tall and ready to dynamically move its business forward to achieve even more success in the years ahead.

Metal Forming Solutions represents the culmination of intentional effort to be a strong, unified and focused organization that better serves a wider-breadth of clientele.

With the organizational transformation efforts implemented, Metal Forming Solutions is now focused on providing innovative and exceptional custom-made solutions to the marketplace, building out its offering and expanding its portfolio.

About Metal Forming Solutions:
Metal Forming Solutions, is a family-owned and operated business which provides industry-leading Hot Forming, Cold Forming and Coiling solutions to clients worldwide; servicing many applications across various industries including, but not limited to, Power Generation, Boiler and HRSG Steam Energy, Electric Energy, Nuclear Energy, Coal-Generation, Bio-Mass and Renewable Energy, Heaters, Furnaces, Economizers and Shell & Tube, Chemical, Petro-Chemical and Ethanol Refining Fluid and Gas Circulatory, Transmission and Transportation; Pressure Vessel & Gas Distribution, Marine Vessels (PED) Automotive, Aero-Space, Commercial and Industrial HVAC, Commercial and Construction Structural and so much more.

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