U.S. Army Colonel Fernando Guadalupe Regularly Gives Back to Society Through Volunteering

FORT JACKSON, SOUTH CAROLINA, USA, December 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Colonel Fernando Guadalupe emphasizes the positive impact volunteering with local organizations has on communities. Apart from his regular Army service, he volunteers with groups like the Order of St. Michael and the Knights of Columbus to empower his local community and beyond.

Fernando Guadalupe sets an example to other community volunteers, serving his country as Army Colonel as well as volunteering regularly through outreach programs. With decades of Army service to his name, he’s no novice to protecting his country and spreading positive values in society. However, involvement in charitable organizations allows him to uplift the individual areas of society that may be suffering from threats present in our own country.

There are countless ways to give back today, with hundreds of programs and various missions that seek to improve their community. Fernando Guadalupe hopes that his own involvement will help inspires others to give back, no matter how great or small their efforts.

“Local municipal representatives and online forums can point people to volunteer opportunities in their community,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “There are opportunities in almost every neighborhood; you just have to do the research to find where you can help.”

Fernando Guadalupe has supported groups in his community for years, contributing to the Order of St. Michael and the Knights of Columbus, among others.

With the Order of St. Michael, he lends a helping hand to those struggling in society, in finances or health, and in faith. The order provides a community for people who are looking to enrich their traditional faith experiences and who may need guidance through difficult times. Volunteers like Fernando Guadalupe act as mentors and friends, uplifting members in their society who may not get the attention otherwise.

Fernando has been an active member in the Knights of Columbus for years, helping spread their founding principles of charity, unity, and fraternity in local communities. The Knights were formed over a hundred years ago to render financial aid to community members and their families. They provided assistance to the sick and disabled, gave support to the needy, and shared intellectual fellowship. Today, they carry on these efforts and provide public relief work, education, and social welfare through charity and volunteering.

“Not all organizations are Christian-based, but they all help in their own ways to support growth in our communities,” says Fernando Guadalupe. “You can certainly find outreach programs in your churches, but you can also ask around at schools and municipal groups.”

Apart from regular involvement in these two organizations, Fernando Guadalupe contributes to World Vision Charity and the Missionaries of Charity. He’s a highly-decorated Army officer who’s served multiple tours to Iraq and Afghanistan and shares his insights through education and leadership. You’d be hard pressed to find a more dedicated citizen and countryman.

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Source: EIN Presswire