Axiomise to deliver first formal verification webinar with Synopsys

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Dr Ashish Darbari will deliver the webinar hosted by Synopsys scheduled for 19 Sep 2018 at 10 am PST.

Verifying packet-based designs is a challenge with formal. We need good methodologies to provide scalable solutions. We show a scalable methodology pioneered at Axiomise for verifying such designs.”

— Ashish Darbari

LONDON, UNITED_KINGDOM, September 7, 2018 / — Axiomise®, a formal verification training, consulting and services company announces its first webinar on Exhaustive Formal Verification of Packet-Based Designs, hosted by Synopsys. The webinar is scheduled for 19 Sep 2018 at 10 am PST.

Verification of serial designs is a real nightmare for any verification engineer. Serial designs appear everywhere from load-store units in CPUs, to memory-subsystems in GPUs, routers, bus interconnects, PCIe, DMA controllers and peripherals in SoCs. To address such verification challenges Axiomise built a collection of good, scalable methodologies which are proven to work in practice. In this webinar, Axiomise founder & CEO, Dr Ashish Darbari will share an approach to verify multi-packet designs with formal exhaustively, using Synopsys VC Formal™ technology.

Axiomise continues to foster partnership with leading EDA vendors, and in this case Axiomise partnered with Synopsys to address the verification challenges posed by such designs. “Verifying packet-based designs is a challenge with formal. We show a scalable methodology pioneered at Axiomise for verifying such designs. Axiomise was able to not only find bugs in designs with 10 to the power 40,000 states but also exhaustively verified packet-based designs with very deep configurations. We found that with the right combination of methodology and technology, we can produce great results even on a laptop with limited compute infra-structure.”, said Dr Darbari.


When: 19 Sep 2018, 10 am PST.


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Axiomise Ltd. has been founded by Dr Ashish Darbari a reputable thought leader in the field of formal verification. Dr Darbari brings his passion, and experience of using formal for over 15 years to Axiomise. He has been at the forefront of driving formal verification innovation and adoption in several top organisations in the world including OneSpin Solutions GmbH, Imagination Technologies, UK, General Motors USA, and ARM, UK. Dr Darbari holds 14 patents in the field of formal and has two dozen research papers. At Imagination Technologies he conceived, designed, developed and delivered Imagination’s first formal verification training programme to nearly 100 engineers worldwide across USA, India, UK. Axiomise has experience of working with all the main formal technologies including theorem proving, model checking and equivalence checking and it offers consulting services in all of these.

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Source: EIN Presswire