StewardTech Seeks Indiegogo Funding to Introduce Turbine, the Next Great Step Forward in Transportation

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StewardTech's Turbine is a radical improvement in engine efficiency, power, and cost. They have an Indiegogo campaign goal of $450,000 to bring it to life.

GAINESVILLE, TX, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2018 / — StewardTech is in the process of developing the StewardTech Turbine, the most radical evolution in engines since the first jets. They have just launched an Indiegogo campaign to raise $450,000 in their pursuit to make engines faster, more efficient, more powerful, cheaper, and more reliable.
StewardTech has just announced the launch of their Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to complete the development of StewardTech Turbine. The company claims this turbine is a game changing step forward in transportation and propulsion, for everything from lawnmowers to locomotives and everything in between. Their Indiegogo funding goal is $450,000, and all backers stand a chance to win a GT 427 roadster powered by a signed, first-run production turbine engine.
The StewardTech Turbine's patent-pending technology will make engines more efficient at higher output compared to internal combustion engines. It offers higher efficiency compared to the traditional piston engines found in gas-powered cars. StewardTech also claims their turbine is environmentally friendlier, and will last longer and pack more power than comparable Otto cycle engines. The engine of the StewardTech Turbine can be scaled up or down to power anything from a skateboard to a locomotive or aircraft.
“In most centrifugal turbines, the working fluid only acts once on the turbine vanes: when it contacts them. In our turbine, however, the working fluid remains active in the turbine for as long as it can do work in the turbine,” explains a senior official from StewardTech. “It is, therefore, a long cycle turbine, which gives it the ability to transmit more energy to the turbine, which can make it more efficient than most centrifugal turbines.”
StewardTech has already completed the design and filed the patents for their already proven technology. In order to bring the StewardTech Turbine to the market, they need hardware, software, facilities, and hire more people to work on this project. In case they fail to achieve the Indiegogo funding goal, StewardTech will explore other avenues to bring their vision to reality.
In addition to lucrative perks for the backers, StewardTech is also providing an opportunity via drawing to win a new car for individuals referring a new person to the project. If the referred person becomes a financial partner, the referer’s name will be added into the drawing nine more times. The drawing will be held the day the first production turbine rolls off the line, and the first prize will be the Production Turbine #1 installed in a new Ultimate Classic Cars GT-427 Cobra replica.
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