ELIMINATE THE CLIMATE CHANGES – FOREVER. Free offer to UN, UN-members, EU, Sweden, Energy-, Car-, companies and others.

Are your State, Organization or Company interested In Rescuing Our World? Now there is a possibility.

Are your State, Organization or Company interested In Rescuing Our World? Now there is a possibility.
With the help of HyMeAir AB new, extremely low-cost technology, and entirely free patent license”

— Claes Persson CEO HyMeAir AB

Are your State, Organization or Company interested In Rescuing Our World? Now there is a possibility.
With the help of HyMeAir AB new, extremely low-cost technology, and entirely free patent license, you will soon be able to eliminate all human-made climate threats:
All who want the free license, who can rescue us, our children, animals, nature and our world, are asked to register their interest before May 15, 2018, to HyMeAir, CEO: claes.w.persson@gmail.com HyMeAir has no reservation, claim or later claim, due to your interest via your email.
(If you have no interest in saving the world – ignore this message.)

The world's greatest tragedy – our utterly unsuccessful climate measures.
According to IMF, climate change and all "artificial" energy sources and "measures," cost about USD 1,000 net per person in the world/year.
In Sweden, for example, a 2-child family pays USD 16,000 / year after tax.
Nevertheless, the world's only actual evidence, Mauna Loa-measurements since the 50's, show that current medieval technology:
"Windmills, sun rays, wood," mean that the carbon dioxide has increased faster than ever, particularly after 2013.
In Sweden, emissions increase every day (SCB), despite the government's billions.
Sweden and the world evidently make everything completely wrong but are not allowed to be criticised.
Critical reviews may no longer occur within energy and climate. A serious critical examination is now called "denial."

The world's most common lie is: "sustainable, renewable fossil-free energy" – such energy does not exist.
We need to have energy and water to survive. Globally, cheap fossil energy accounts for 86% of all our energy, the volume increasing!
Without cheap fossil energy, significantly more expensive (x7) wind turbines, solar panels, biofuels, and batteries.
Forget all naive fantasies that people will voluntarily abandon 86% of their lives.
History has taught us what happens with lack of energy and water: people start killing each other.
To avoid constant world wars, we must immediately cease today's unserious poster policies.
The world must stop fatal and corruptive: tax support, certificates, malus bonuses and other support,
too the extremely costly medieval sources of energy, which evidently do not eliminate the climate threat.
Before it is too late, stop all support to the "nature romantic" and "doomsayers" madness. It has already gone too far. Our children and we want a future.

FREE – HyMeAir now offers the world a new, patent-pending, innovation – FREE!
A new method that eliminates all the carbon dioxide, inside the atmosphere, we want to get rid.
The UN, EU, and others have said that they are looking forward to innovations that reduce the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere, new CCS technology.
Now there is an innovation, new CCS technology, so simple that a small child understands how it works, a new method that soon can save humanity.
Using the constant power of the wind and new technology, nano filter, e.g., GO, that filters out and finally dispose of all the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,
we want to get rid of, for example, reduce the carbon dioxide content from 410ppm to 250ppm.
The innovation can shortly remove the climate threat forever, to a negligible cost estimated at only about USD 8, per world citizen and year. The question is:
Politicians, mass media, "green organizations," climate researchers, industry, and others, do they WANT to eliminate the climate threat? Exception:
The Biggest daily newspaper in Sweden "Dagens Nyheter," emphasized CCS technology on February 4, 2018: https://www.dn.se/ledare/ett-hal-i-sveriges-klimatpolitik/

We now live in a completely crazy world where politicians allowed extraordinarily, ignorant and selfish "green organizations," using our tax money, to crush our humanity.
For example, hidden lies: 110 Nobel Prize winners have reported Greenpeace for: "Crimes Against Humanity" regarding food production.
This Report, from the World's Foremost Scientists, has been ignored.
People in Sweden do not even know about this dramatic announcement because it does not fit the biggest Swedish mass media to publish: SVT, DN, SvD, Expressen, Aftonbladet, etc.
Swedish mass media don't want to oppose the selfish amateur organization Greenpeace? Instead, mass media fight against all these Nobel Prize Winners!
This example also shows that politicians and mass media seem NOT at all interested in saving the world's climate.

Customized nano filters can filter out different size of molecules, e.g., CO2, see the Innovation on YouTube.

HyMeAir is a True, Social Company, recently founded by innovator Claes Persson, Stockholm, Sweden. "If You Care – HyMeAir" ( claes.w.persson@gmail.com )
HyMeAir is The First Genuine Company, Working for you, Your Children's and Our Worlds Survival, in an Old Honourable Fashion.
HyMeAir, CEO Claes Persson, Creates New Vital Innovations Regularly
If founding an innovations company, of course, one start inventing something that is "simple," e.g., new, better water.
(This fantastic water will soon be "published.")
Our new ventilation innovation, which filters out bacteria and viruses from the incoming external air as well as internal air, for example, in hospitals, aircraft, and other spaces.
HyMeAirs most crucial innovation is our new CCS-method, that cheap and easy remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere,
e.g., all the carbon dioxide that's derived from fossil fuel. The novelty will thereby eliminate all human-made climate change – forever.
The same simple Nanofiltration method will also give our world all the cheap energy and all the clean water our world needs.
This fantastic innovation will bring all of us, and more than 15 billion people, a bright and prosperous future. Our future might be called – "No More Poor"

Claes Lorentz Uno Persson
HyMeAir AB
email us here

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Source: EIN Presswire